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SATIN Technology

Discuva’s proprietary platform technologies, collectively known as SATIN (Selective Antibiotic Target IdentificatioN), allows scientists at Discuva to identify the molecular target(s) of chemical compounds that affect bacterial growth and viability and genes associated with the development of downstream resistance. Such resistance gene products could be efflux pumps, compound metabolisers and components of salvage biochemical pathways which would potentially circumvent the compound’s antibiotic effects.

SATIN ensures that all antibiotics pursued through optimisation are those which have the best chance of reaching the clinic and having a long effective market life.

The platform comprises of several different varieties of transposon library which have been specifically engineered for each target pathogen, coupled with high-throughput Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology, advanced bioinformatics and machine learning, providing an ongoing genome-wide analysis of bacterial events throughout the chemistry optimisation process.

SILK Technology

The SILK platform expands the reach of transposon technology to accurately determine the best combinations of antibiotics to dramatically reduce resistance.

All current single agents used in the treatment of HIV suffer from extreme resistance issues, yet when used in combination therapies they provide effective long-lasting medicines. Some recent antibiotics that failed in the clinic due to resistance would have succeeded in clinical trials if they were administered with the most appropriate combination partner.

SILK offers the unique ability to select the best combination of antibiotics to allow clinical success and long market life.

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