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Discuva in Joint Declaration to Combat AMR

Discuva is one of 85 companies and 9 associations, who have drafted and signed a joint declaration on antimicrobial Drug Resistance launched today at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. This important statement, which will be reviewed on an ongoing basis, proposes a way in which industry and government around the world can come together to provide the sustainable investment required to beat the global challenge of increasing resistance to antimicrobial drugs. A common set of principles has been agreed for both the creation of new medicines and the conservation of existing therapies which now requires an additional level of commitment from governments around the world in order to overcome this major threat to healthcare in the 21st Century. The declaration can be found on www.amrreview.org/industry-declaration.

David Williams, Discuva CEO said: “This declaration is a truly historic event with agreement between those with the tools and expertise to combat the threat of further anti-microbial resistance from 18 different countries. Our hope is now that with the seeds of change sown in the soil of a major international economic forum, we can build on discussions with the major nations to create a concrete sustainable economic framework to ensure we can beat this major global threat”.

About Discuva

Discuva is a Cambridge, UK-based Drug Discovery Company discovering new antibiotics against highly drug-resistant pathogens, which is aiming to revolutionise the treatment of disease caused by bacterial infection. Discuva’s innovative proprietary technologies both identify new small molecule drugs against novel bacterial targets and allow their progression through to drugs with low clinical resistance, providing real solutions to the threat of global antibiotic resistance. Discuva’s drug pipeline is focused on providing therapeutics for currently untreatable hospital and community-based infections.

For further information please contact:
David Williams, Chief Executive Officer
Email: info@discuva.com
Tel: +44(0)1223 394200
Web: www.discuva.com
the Review on AMR team on: info@amr-review.org;
and +44 20 7611 5710 or +44 7715 426 895

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