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Tim Bullock

Tim spent 26 years working in banking and finance, with 14 years as a Managing Director with Lloyds TSB leading his business through a period of rapid growth to become the most profitable in its sector. continue reading...

Chief Executive Officer
David Williams, PhD

David is a successful entrepreneurial leader in the biopharmaceutical sector steering scientific thinking, developing financially viable businesses and creating value from collaborations and product licensing. With extensive scientific, business development, finance, and operational experience obtained from over 30 years’ experience in large Pharma and Biotech, he has been actively involved in all stages of research from target discovery and translational research through to market. continue reading...

Chief Financial Officer
Giorgio Reggiani

Giorgio was finance Director at Stem Cell Sciences PLC, finance Director at Sareum, a founding Partner and CFO of Esprit Capital Partners, CFO at Vidus, which he helped to spin-out of British Telecom and then grow to sell for $60m, continue reading...

CSO & Non Executive Director
John Wain

John is Professor of Medical Microbiology at the University of East Anglia, Norwich. He spent seven years with the South East Asian Oxford University Clinical Research Unit studying genetic diversity in antibiotic resistant bacteria, continue reading...

Non Executive Director
Ian George

Ian has over 19 years of business development and marketing experience gained from management roles with Unilever, Sequa Corp, the Defence Science Technology Laboratory (Dstl) and Cambridge based consultancy, The Technology Partnership. continue reading...

Non Executive Director
Ursula Ney

Ursula has more than thirty years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, twenty years in leadership roles in the Biotech sector including as an executive director on the Board of Celltech plc, Antisoma plc and most recently as CEO of Genkyotex SA. continue reading...

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