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Antibacterial discovery research has been driven, medically, commercially and intellectually, by the need for new therapeutics that are not subject to resistance mechanisms.

Discuva is discovering new antibiotics against highly drug-resistant pathogens which should revolutionise the treatment of disease caused by bacterial infection.

Discuva’s innovative proprietary platform technologies identify new small molecule drugs against novel bacterial targets greatly expanding the antimicrobial “drug universe”.

Discuva’s pipeline is initially focused on providing therapeutics for major hospital and community-based infections.

Discuva is a Cambridge, UK-based drug Discovery Company which was established to address the major gaps that exist in the current treatment of infective disease with antibiotics and meet the current, critical unmet medical need in the clinic. The company has proprietary technologies that allow the rapid identification and development of targeted Next Generation antibiotics against emerging and drug-resistant pathogens. Discuva currently has several specific antimicrobial programmes mainly focused on Gram negative bacteria that cause major hospital and community-based infections.

The drugs produced by Discuva are being developed to have two major advantages over conventional antibiotics; no development of cross resistance and fewer side effects giving safer more effective treatments with a longer market life.

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