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Discuva is a drug discovery company focused on the creation of Next Generation targeted antimicrobials against new emerging and drug-resistant bacterial pathogens.

From a study of 114 countries, the World Health Organisation has predicted a future where all current antibiotic drugs are ineffective. In this ‘post-antibiotic era’ a simple scratch or routine surgical procedure will be a potentially life-threatening event.

At Discuva, using ground-breaking new technologies, we are successfully developing completely new classes of antibiotics which we believe will play a major role in protecting society from the forthcoming threat promised by the emergence of drug-resistant bacteria.

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Discuva Ltd @DiscuvaLtd
#Gonorrhea May Become Resistant to All #Antibiotics Sooner than Anticipated https://t.co/nFDZx4z4Em #science
Discuva Ltd @DiscuvaLtd
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